Rare Italian Short Sword Ca 1520


A rare Italian short sword, from the 16th Century Circa 1520 most likely Venetian. 

The overall condition of this sword is extremely good considering it’s age. I have done extensive research to locate other complete examples which are not in an advanced state of corrosion and have an intact grip.

 Unfortunately I have been unable to locate another example in this condition to compare it.

However one is located in the Museo di Castelvecchio (Verona) which is heavily corroded, I will be glad to share these photo if requested.

It’s Hilt is comprised of a fig shaped pommel, wide grip in tact with its leather wrapping still present and a set of large quillons 25.8 cm in length. These curve downwards pointing slighting outwards and are accompanied by a side ring attached to the quillon block.

The sword’s double edged Roman gladius style blade is streamline with double fullers on either side. It’s edge is heavily riddled with battle signs and corrosion / pitting, which is not uncommon for sword’s of this age.

An armourers mark /stamp, which is a small cross is present on either side. 

The sword also has a staggeringly wide blade of 7 cm.

This sword is extremely well balanced  making it perfect for combat.

It’s flexibility and control-ability make it versatile, truly the essence of the Italian armourers and shows the transition from the medieval to the renaissance period.

A beautiful and rare piece

Overall App 81 CM

Hilt 15.8 CM


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