Antiques Armoury offers a list of services catering to both collectors and dealers.

These include:

The Brokerage services offered are vast and allow you to have access to rare hard to find antiques via a vast network of collectors, dealers and pickers in Europe.

Is so simple!! Drop us a mail through our contact form, shortly after you will be contacted and asked to provide further information in relation to the item you are or have been searching for.

Another part of the business included acquiring collections / sell off collection. We can also offer to sell the items for you on consignment.

Kindly contact us if you require assistance or information regarding this service.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or have inherited items through your family, AA offers a free evaluation service providing up to date and accurate information in relation to the market place and what your item is really worth.

Our evaluations are based depending on what has Sold / Condition / Quantity / Rarity. Like the stock exchange the antiques market fluctuates so we may advise you hold off selling your item/s. We pride ourselves on honesty and reliability so if we are not the organisation best suited for your needs we will point you in the right direction.

Many clients require assistance and AA is here to help.

You may need advice on:

  • How to grow your collection
  • Displaying your collection and what products work best
  • Information / books / historical references
  • How to start collecting and from where to start.

    These are just a few things Antiques Armoury can help you with.
    Kindly contact us for advice we would love to hear from you.